Voice of Clearbrook


One of the most impressive features of the Clearbrook Community is the "Voice of Clearbrook".

The VOC operates from its professional television studio in the Clubhouse. Most active adult communities have an in-house channel listing its community events. The VOC includes that and much more.

The volunteers of VOC broadcast LIVE from the studio every week-day morning imparting news relevant to Clearbrook, including activities, lectures, and information. Selected music is played for the entertainment of the listeners. Those involved in the production are: producers, announcers, engineers, and camerapersons who voluntarily learned the craft from other members.

In addition, the VOC films various meetings, lectures, and medical seminars. Interviews are conducted either in the studio or other areas in the clubhouse. These programs are informative and informational. The films are edited for quality, not content, and then scheduled to air at various times.

One of the most important features of the VOC is the Weather Emergency Center. During a major storm, the studio is manned by volunteers who stay in touch with the residents via live TV. Up-to-date snow removal and/or other pertinent information is dispersed. Residents may call in with questions, and those who feel ill-at-ease with being confined during the storm are somewhat comforted by seeing and hearing a familiar face on their TV screens.

All persons involved in any of the facets of broadcasting are volunteers who have enjoyed learning and using that new found knowledge to further their own sense of production and professionalism. They even have fun during the process.