Community Governance Overview

A Clearbrook unit owner, in addition to being a member of the Clearbrook Community Association (CCA), is also a member of one of the 18 condominium associations located in Clearbrook, which are referred to as Sections.

CCA is the master association responsible for the administration of all community services and recreational facilities provided to every unit owner in Clearbrook.
Sections are responsible for maintaining the common elements* of the units and common areas located within each Section.

The CCA and the Sections are governed by federal, state and local statutes, as well as their own governing documents: bylaws, master deeds and rules and regulations. Both the CCA and Sections are run by boards of directors made up of members elected by the unit owners of the community and condominium, respectively. Clearbrook employs a management staff to take care of the day to day operations in the community.

*Common elements refers to property that is jointly owned by all members of the condominium section.



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